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Your business deserves and needs IPATROL. When you consider that ninety four per cent of alarms are false, the fact that Police do not attend non verified alarm activations, you start to realise you need an economical, effective alarm system to protect your business. One that Police will attend if it is a legitimate burglary. One that doesn’t call you out in the middle of the night or when you are on your valuable days off. One that doesn’t cost you money in patrol responses.

  • Totally wireless business system
  • Installation time is around 1 hour
  • Portable, you can take it with you or move it when your business grows
  • Video allows a control room to verify that the alarm is real, Police can be called directly to attend
  • Professional A1 Graded Alarm monitoring centre
  • Same price as a 'Blind System'
  • Professional licensed iPATROL installers will ensure your alarm system is installed correctly and offers the most effective security solution to your unique business needs

Protect your business, stock and valuables with iPATROL

Our business is well protected with iPATROL, no more false alarm call outs in the middle of the night

BPP Melbourne, VIC

Business Base Package

The iPATROL business package can be tailored to the unique requirements of your business to protect both the internal and external areas of your business. The iPATROL system ensures you won’t get those annoying false alarm calls and be subject to expensive patrol responses. With the iPATROL system, Police priority response can be assured, so you know your business is continually protected. The technology of iPATROL has assisted in over 370 arrests this year alone. The wireless system means that  it does not require expensive wiring or installation. So, if you want a system that saves you money, protects your business and can be moved and expanded upon as your business needs change, then iPATROL is for you. Get a free security assessment and quote from iPATROL today!


Business Systems $2,029.00 Ex. GST
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