OLD Construction Sites/Sentinel

Construction sites have one of the highest reported number of theft and damage incidents of any classification. Often costly, the replacement of whitegoods, damaged plastering and windows delay the completion of your project which has a knock on effect on your business, way beyond the replacement costs of the stolen or damaged items.

  • No more false alarms
  • No expensive set up costs
  • Totally wireless, no expensive vulnerable cabling
  • No power, install and move anywhere, you can move it with minimal fuss from project to project
  • Faster Police response to verified alarms
  • Greater prosecution of offenders due to video evidence, when you consider in 33% of burglary cases, the same offender returns within 3 months to commit another burglary, catching the offender is a main priority

Protect your projects with iPATROL

We have had numerous arrests at our building sites across Australia and now the criminals know if they approach our sites, iPATROL will dispatch Police and they will, in all likelyhood be arrested.  

We don’t need the added expense of security guards Patrols as the iPATROL system is that good!


Major National Building Company Melbourne, VIC

Construction Base Package

The iPATROL system is widely used across Australia at small, medium and large construction sites. With its advanced technology iPATROL has assisted in over 400 arrests this year alone, you know your site is protected with iPATROL. The wireless system means no expensive wiring or installation and can be reconfigured as the site evolves. The unique indoor/ outdoor motion viewers ensure total privacy when disarmed and total protection when armed. The iPATROL system enables Police priority response with no false alarms and no requirement for expensive patrol responses. iPATROL has also released the Sentinel system, a construction site specific flexible platform that you can lease to give your business flexibility. So if you need a cost effective and flexible system that protects your construction site, call today for a free security assessment and quote.

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