Frequently Asked Questions

What is iPATROL?

iPATROL uses Videofied technology and is a totally wireless, self powered alarm system that sends video verification with all alarm events to its own A1 Graded monitoring centre. By integrating technology that was originally developed for military applications, the SECUREmonitoring A1 Graded monitoring centre has the ability to verify all alarms. Videofied can operate as a complete standalone system or as a piggy-back to any existing alarm system. Also of extreme importance is the fact that video verified alarms are treated as a crime-in-progress rather than a general alarm which means Police priority attend and you are not subject to false alarm fines or costly patrol response fees.

How is iPATROL installed?

Fast, simple and dust-free installation because every device is wireless and there is no A/C connection anywhere. No drilling, no wires, no hassle. The keypad is the only programming and installation tool needed. Even the video can be “tuned” without a PC, simply using the “verify detection” to point the camera where it is needed.

Device to Control Panel range?

300 Metres "LINE OF SITE". 75 Metres between buildings. A site test should be carried out to ensure correct operation.

Wireless communication?

Military-graded radio transmission, every device is a radio transceiver with bi-directional communication between the device and the panel. A powerful 128 bit AES encryption system and 4 channel 920MHz spread spectrum means that iPATROL delivers incredible range and immunity to interference.

Is my privacy protected?

No alarm and no camera. The camera is ONLY activated during an alarm. This is one reason that the batteries last 4 years. iPATROL does not allow “peeking” or remote “look-in” except during an alarm. Security does not need to compromise privacy.

How does it work?

The Camera synchronizes the field view of the motion sensor and the camera. The Camera sees what triggered the motion sensor and sends it to our 24/7/365 monitoring centre. The RSIalarm™ solution centers around this small, unobtrusive device. It integrates an advanced digital infrared motion detector with a sophisticated digital video camera and infrared illuminators. When armed, the motion sensor detects any movement. This activates the camera which takes 200K of video (approximately 10 seconds, dynamically compressed at the camera).

The camera?

This battery powered device is the heart of the system. A 0.2 lux night vision camera using integrated infrared illuminators gives true night vision. This digital camera is integrated into an infrared motion sensor. The entire device is small, wireless and aesthetically pleasing.

Do I need lighting? How far can the illumnators reach?

MotionViewers have BUILT-IN infra-red illuminators.
Outdoor= 30 feet, Indoor= 15 feet

Video: Outdoor MotionViewer overlooking a forest  catches a dog moving around. The built-in illumnators allow the central monitoring station operators to clearly see it is not human activity and can therefore avoid dispatching the Police or contacting yourself as it’s a false alarm.

Do the MotionViewers pre-record?

No,  the MotionViewer is a proprietary ALL-IN-ONE component, camera reaction time to a PIR trip is nearly instantaneous (1/10th sec) when armed.

Does inclement weather affect the system?

No. Through the advanced algorithmic technology in the PIR, the MotionViewer does not trip on rain, snow or lightning except in extreme cases.

Can I look in on the MotionViewers?

Videofied MotionViewers are designed to protect clients’ privacy and therefore do not allow remote look-in capabilities. Always remember that because of the integrated PIR motion sensor, the system WHEN ARMED is always looking and the monitoring centre will notify you when something is happening that requires your attention.

What if someone grabs the MotionViewer?

If you are doing an install where theft may be a major concern, remember the devices can be installed very subtly since they do not need to be wired or powered. Even if someone does approach an armed MotionViewer, the event will be captured and transmitted to the panel…which may be hundreds of feet away.

The network?

Videofied communicates exclusively through the (GPRS) network.

Other features?

Other features of the videofied solution include a panic device, light & siren and various arming devices and coming soon, smoke alarm devices.

Communication plans and options?

Several plans are available for each communication path but the price is included in your low monthly monitoring fee.